Comments on the Strategy

Comments on the Strategy

Subject: cleanliness
Having read the EIG document it seems in outline to be in essence what we should be aiming at. But there is a need for people to know what the full document will contain. An example of why this is so is how DEFRA are thinking of defining cleanliness - "clinically clean" - this is not acceptable as it could be read as a need for cages & aviaries be scrubbed out every day - this for many species would not be conducive to successful breeding. Whether or not any similar loop holes which allow the imposition of unrealistic conditions appear it remains to be seen

C Gale. 23.2.09

Dear Sir,
The formulation of the Bird Strategy Paper is indeed to be complimented. The welfare and respect for bird in captivity is of paramount importance. Although many areas are pulling together on this issue; there are still many horrific bird auctions taking place in the UK. Not only are birds treated like pieces of meat in the swift handling from seller to buyer, but cages in some cases are filthy dirty, and some too small for their occupants.

I personally have tried through avicultural journals to highlight what bird auctions are doing to our fancy. Because of the quick time frame of these auctions people simply come in buy a bird and leave. Very little education or even group discussion is carried out. What amazes me is that avicultural societies and clubs are fighting for members to keep the hobby alive yet these auctions have vast amounts of people at their events. This buying and selling principle can not do the fancy any good whatsoever and I hope this draft paper will include a section on auctions. Up to now, having read the principles, I fail to find anything connected with auctions. It was a bird auction that was highlighted in the National press regarding bird flu.

Yours sincerely,
Eric Peake 28.1.09


The welfare discussion document, Avian Strategy For Hobbyist Livestock and Pet Birds, has been eight months in the making.

It was put together by the National Committee for Bird Strategy, a group of eight specialist societies: the British Waterfowl Association, Hawk Board, National Council for Aviculture, National Pigeon Association of Great Britain, Parrot Society UK, Pet Care Trust, Poultry Club of Great Britain and World Pheasant Association.

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